better together.

Drip brings together a best-in-class partner network that fulfills every need along the value chain path to deliver the product to market.

Drip’s world class consortium of industry experts not only ensure the products’ seamless journey to market, they ensure Drip will become the category leader in cannabis infused beverages.


Black Tusk Pharma Group

Black Tusk Pharma group is an industry leader in pharma grade extraction and product differentiation. They own synergistic, complementary assets to capitalize on all business verticals associated with owning a Licensed Dealer designation.

With proprietary extraction IP and established sales brands, the company is set to move into the market at unparalleled speed and efficiency.


Multiple Vendors

Drip beverages has secured preeminent co-packers in both Canada and the United States.  With partners identified in both British Columbia and Ontario for the Canadian market (pending licensing approval once edible guidelines are established), and California and New York for their respective states; drip is well positioned to rapidly expand in the beverage space.

All four companies are globally recognized producers which have excelled at lean manufacturing through diversification and economies of scale, coupled with industry leading equipment and facilities, and a focus on innovation and growth.


Pacific Rim Distributors

Pacific Rim Distributors is a full service, licensed sales and distribution agency, with deep ties to Canadian liquor and cannabis boards. With global distribution rights for 8 Canadian craft beer brands, they distribute products in 19 international markets; with a unique focus in Asia and Europe.

In addition to exporting craft beer, Pacific Rim Distribution also imports Canadian aluminum cans from China, to the tune of 40 million cans a year; and is well versed in international negotiation and market sales.


Elevator Strategy

Elevator is a close collective of insatiably curious human beings. Obsessed with data. Immersed in new technology. And creatively driven by brands pursuing a purpose with passion.

Located at the epicenter of Vancouver’s burgeoning digital technology hub, Elevator is a proudly Canadian, fiercely independent communications firm. We are home to a seasoned group of creative, strategic and media experts fluent in all communications channels.



Civilized is a leading cannabis-centric digital media company.  With a focus on custom curated content in the cannabis space, Civilized owns a relationship with consumers which Drip can leverage.

And because Civilized doesn’t ‘touch the plant’, they are not subject to a majority of legislation governing cannabis.

What’s more they offer significant touchpoints with our target consumer:

    •  9M+ visitors
    • Civilized.studios:  100M+ viewers
    • 28 events in 2019

Multiple Vendors

Drip is working global leaders in entertainment, sports and fashion to hack culture. By leveraging key celebrity influencers in the hip hop music category, the Drip brand will remain firmly in the spotlight.