why invest in drip?

Evidenced by retail sales in the US market, brands – particularly differentiated product brands like beverages – are poised to win in share and margin over both the short and medium run.  It’s time to get in.

The cannabis market is growing.

The legal Cannabis industry is a global commercial phenomenon and universally recognized investment opportunity that is expected to grow to a $32 billion business within five years and almost entirely within the North American economy.

Currently, most investment is dedicated to the back-end production and supply management of cannabis. But the investment trend in the immediate future will migrate to the front-end go to market strategies and especially with new, emerging product categories like edibles and beverages.

It’s what the market wants.

Traditional cannabis product consumption has proven to flatten, even wane after the initial novelty and experimentation subsides. However, the more socially acceptable edible and beverage options are predicted to only keep growing in popularity and demand.

And it’s time to get in.

Precedent against any new and emerging product category has proven again and again, that the first brand to market can expect not only immediate market share, but sustained growth and success in category dominance.

Enough said.

The Right Time.

The Right Plan.

The Right Players.

Drip has gathered together the best of the best to ensure a seamless value chain strategy to get the product to market. Drip will work with social media influencers and key opinion leaders to maintain momentum for the product as takes hold in that market. And Drip will continue to build on its brand strength and its category relevance with new product innovations, breakthrough marketing strategies and industry education and advocacy.