what is drip?

Drip Beverages will launch in the United States and Canada in late 2019. New flavours and varieties will follow in 2020.


Low calorie

Cannabis infused, micro-dosed, and low in calories, Drip is the ideal, refreshing alternative to alcohol or traditional cannabis products.

All natural and crafted with care

Handcrafted with all natural ingredients in both California and New York for their respective states, and British Columbia and Ontario for the Canadian market.

For any occasion

Whether you're chillin' at the beach, kickin' back at home or out for a night on the town, Drip offers a soda or beer that is right for the mood you're in.

Sodas and beers

Drip comes in two product categories - Drip sodas and Drip beers (malt based beverages), each with their own range of distinct flavours and package designs.

Both are available with infusions of 10mg of CBD and THC in 2019, with Drip Nanos (50mg) launching in Spring 2020.

more flavours coming soon.

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soda flavours

beer styles